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Immediate Gentle Long Lasting Metal Roof Cleaning

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Immediate Gentle Long Lasting Metal Roof Cleaning

August 7, 2017

This exciting project shows the resilient and immediate metal roof cleaning achieved by ROTban QUIClean.  The blue metal roof on this commercial building was installed over 25 years ago and it had never been cleaned.  Liverwart and algae stains were ugly and deeply imbedded into the surface.  This was bad for business and the neigbhourhood.

We were given the opportunity to do our gentle and long lasting immediate stain removal.  We started by wetting the roof area down with plain water, as the roof was very hot and dry in the middle of the hot summer of 2017.  We then soaked the area twice with ROTban QUIClean, letting it penetrate.  We rinsed it off with water.  We did not walk on the roof!

The results are typical of our metal roof cleaning process – immediate, striking, resiliant and set to repel stains for a long time.  The owners have a Three Year Stain Free Warranty.   It’s one thing in a service industry to have a warranty, and quite another to have a long and stable history of the warranties being fully backed!  With our 20th anniversary of using ROTban coming up in 2018, our promises of results, backed by generous warranties are a matter of proven fact.  They are being kept daily.

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