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ROTban is unique and pet friendly

Never a complaint about animals being affected:

Many homeowners have pets and natural wildlife. We all love and value our little friends, and want them to be cared for and safe in and out of our homes.  This is a significant question that people ask us… will it harm my pet?  There are two ways in which animals could be affected by our service.  The first is simply common sense.  When people are working at performing a service around a home, pets and children – and even some adults – need to be kept out of the way, or they could get hurt and would certainly put the workers at risk of small accidents too.   Secondly, since workers cannot “mask” the pet with water, the second concern is that they could get our solution on them through overspray.  So we ask people to keep pets inside the home or in a kennel while we work.  Similarly, we suggest that any controllable pets be kept from walking through any runoff caused by the first rainfall

We have performed work on thousands of homes, and have never had a complaint about a pet being in any way affected by our product.  We have had people concerned about their dogs being inside and barking at the workers outside, but everyone knows, dogs will be dogs!


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