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ROTban is unique and health friendly

Health Care Facilities Use ROTban:

ROTban has performed moss removal and building cleaning services on many hospitals and long term care facilities.  Maintenance managers and health professionals become satisfied that ROTban will do no harm to very sick people.  We have performed treatments right outside wards with patients having health issues such as asthma, emphysema, cancer and most other common health concerns.

You Can Breathe Cleaner Air:

ROTban helps people with breathing disorders like asthma, by greatly reducing the spore count in the fresh air that comes into the home or hospital room.  Airborne spores are very common in nature.  They are carried around by the wind, and come from simple plant like growths such as fungus, algae, and moss.  They are extremely active around trees and forests, as well as on the ground.  Spores, breathed in, are bad for everyone.  There are varying degrees of poisons in various mold and related spores.  They are a serious and well publicized health concerns which ROTban addresses.

If there is mold and algae growing on exterior walls, visible in the stains on the siding, they are producing spores.  If there is moss and related microbe growth on the roof, these are also producing spores.  They circulate in the air. Wherever air goes, the spores are carried.

ROTban sterilizes the surfaces discussed here, long term. This, in effect, sterilizes the air you breathe of the spores.

Smell of ROTban solutions:

Some people are concerned that a sensitive or sick child will be affected even by an untoward smell.  We keep in constant communication with such customers and the result has been clear.  We want all our customers to feel healthy!  It’s rare for a customer to smell anything when our usual moss control solution is applied.  With one of our formulas, there can be a sharp cleaning product odor, which vanishes in minutes.

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