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ROTban is unique and budget friendly

Technical Breakthrough

Years of study followed by years of observation and improvement have culminated in ROTban services being economical in the fullest way.  Our solutions are state of the art, and the areas of economization are many.  Firstly, they work better than any store-bought product, as well as any competing service we know of.  Secondly, the moss removal and exterior wall cleaning methods are non-damaging, which saves money – after all, when you damage a surface, you are helping it erode and die. Replacement of your roofing or siding is very expensive.  Thirdly, what clean or algaecide can you apply, and find still working by itself, years after the application?  Long-term usefulness is a hallmark of the ROTban applications.

Cost compared to Price:

Let’s say a building manager or homeowner gets three quotes, and the ROTban price is the middle one.  Prices are $1,000 vs $800 for ROTban, vs $500.  The $500 lasts for a year.  The $1,000 one lasts for three years.  The ROTban price gets you four year results, fully backed.  How much are you paying per year of useful results?  The lowest price’s true cost is the most expensive, at $500 per year.  The highest price is the second most expensive cost, at $333.  The ROTban price is the lowest cost per year, at $200.

Relief of having the desired results every time

When you deal with unproven services and pay less, you run many risks.  Are they really educated in what they do?  Are they paying their taxes?  Are they covered by WorkSafeBC, and if so, are they really paying all the proper fees and doing all the proper safety training, buying all the proper safety equipment, and following the many WorkSafeBC rules?  If they have a warranty, what’s their track record on follow-up?  We just received an inquiry from a homeowner who decided he wanted a professional moss removal service.  He had been going on his roof and scraping off moss every year for the past three years.  He was looking at his roof, and it was full of moss again.  ROTban roof moss removal customers get what they’re looking for – Freedom from roof moss for a long and predictable time-period.  No further worry.

It’s wise to add some price expense for the certainty of results, rather than running the risk of loosing economic advantage due to poor performance in one form or another.


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