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You, Me, and the BBB

25 October 2017 by ROTban Services Corp.
2017 10 25 0950

Roof moss removal, done correctly.

Hi, I’m Gregg McBurnie with ROTban Structural Services Corp. We’ve been members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2012.

Our two basic services are Roof Moss Removal and Exterior Building Cleaning. We know how to keep stains from growing back on all surfaces. It’s done Gently and has Long Lasting results. We have Long Warranties and back them up Solidly.

You know, roofing is delicate!

I’ve trained at the Roofing Institute of BC in roofing and fall safety. In over 25 years of experience on roofs, I’ve seen the excessive wear and tear caused by walking and working on them.

That’s why we don’t do harmful scraping or power washing. Avoiding these things will help you have a healthier and longer lasting roof. We monitor our results, following our Four Year Warranty system. In 1998 I did the first application of ROTban, with great success, and we’ve been excited about it ever since! With our Building Cleaning, the results are immediate, resiliant and long lasting.

Our Two Year Warranty is rare!

We do this for many kinds of buildings and homes, large and small. You really have to see it to believe it!

We love the Better Business Bureau, because they work hard to maintain integrity in business. They warn everyone of shoddy workmanship and scams. They help our customers know that we have high standards.

So Check it Out with the BBB!