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What’s in the Name ROTban™?

5 August 2022 by ROTban Services Corp.
Rotting Log

The problem of ROT is a basic human challenge. From food to building products, rot costs you.

Solving this problem, you save money.  You achieve lasting beauty and health in many areas of life.  Our trademarked brand, ROTban, means ban the rot.  Stop the rot.  We focus on stopping rot and other kinds of destructive deterioration, so people’s home exteriors remain resilient and beautiful.

In 1998, we first named our process MicroBAN, because microbes are responsible for rot.  It’s a clearly descriptive name, but we quickly learned that it was already the brand of a large company.  The name was taken, powerfully! Disappointed, I asked a friend to brainstorm with me.  ROTban was born out of one session.

Microban™ is anti germ and virus solution that can be put in other products to keep them more sterile.  Since Covid, it is on store shelves as an excellent and lasting surface sterilizer.

ROTban™ is not sold in stores or online.  It is more than a product.  It is a safe and effective system, applied by trained technicians. By offering an effective service, we ensure that rot and deterioration is truly achieved. We do the process correctly, which means savings for our customers.  When people choose our system, they do much better than they could do with a bottle of product.  It’s a big job that needs to be done correctly to give guaranteed results.

The point of the ROTban system is to get to the root of the problem and use scientific ways to free your building products of rot producing organisms and keep working to stop the re-infestation of spores as well.