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Vancouver Aquarium

31 August 2023 by ROTban Services Corp.
Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium had us back to do new work this month.  We were there for the first time in August 2022, and they were very pleased with the exterior cleaning we did for them, all without using any soap solutions. The Aquarium is and must be a pristine environment.

This time the entrance area fountain wall was shut off and needed a good cleaning.  We got that done before opening hours as they specified.  Then they kept the cleaning technicians there for the rest of the day, cleaning sidewalks of goose droppings and some large skylights.

The next day I got a call from the Maintenance Manager, asking me to come over and work out a contract for monthly cleaning!  It is a world class destination, and it makes sense for them to have dependable, competent cleaning that knows their criteria and stays within their parameters.  We are so happy to serve them, being environmentally sensitive animal lovers ourselves.

Here is a recent development: “The Vancouver Aquarium is excited to launch a new exhibit, Nature’s Ninjas: Defenses of the Animal Kingdom. This exhibit has 17 animal habitats that highlight the defensive mechanisms of these animals.

“In the wild almost every living species is food for something else, consequently animals have a variety of defensive strategies to meet these challenges. This exhibit unpacks the mystery of some of the coolest animals that adults and children alike will enjoy exploring in Nature’s Ninjas: Defenses in the Animal Kingdom,” said Vancouver Aquarium Executive Director Clint Wright.

As I said, it’s a world class destination, which means there are a lot of discerning visitors.  Management is aware that then need to keep everything very clean for the admirers.  It’s really the same for all businesses that want to show they care. Don’t forget about your hotel, restaurant, store, or residential building.  Cleanliness can make a huge difference, and compared to putting up a new facia, it’s a real deal.  Just be sure to choose an exterior cleaning company that is trained, experienced and that cares!

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