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Millions of Raindrops Will Work for Free

September 10, 2021 by ROTban Services Corp.
raindrops for cleaning

Nature does a lot of things for us.  Useful power is created from simple sunlight, tidal movements, dams, gravity, heat in the earth, and winds.

But have you ever considered how much cleaning goes on during a simple rainfall?  A 500 square foot area of exterior wall or roof will receive about 30 million raindrops per month, on average, in the Greater Vancouver, BC area.  Let’s give good old rain some credit – it’s helping keep our exterior areas clean!

What if, instead of showering, you pre-soaped yourself and stood out in the rain for a while on a warm summer’s day.  Interesting!  The only difficulty in this would be that the soap generally has a foamy ingredient, which would tend to pollute.  Remove the foam, and things would wash away quite well.  Notably, whenever you use soap, it does go down the drains and into the environment. You just don’t see it happening.

Let’s put our attention on your house wall again.  A typical exterior wall could be 500 square feet.  It’s being bathed at a rate of 30 million raindrops per month.  Still it gets dirty, and mostly, stained with algae.  This is due to a combination of factors about how algae grows thrives.

Algae needs warmth, moisture, shade and food in order to grow.  This is common knowledge.  There’s one more vital component involved, and that is digestion.  Moss, mold and algae all use the same feeding and digestion tactic, as do fungus and lichen.  They excrete an acid, then draw it back into themselves again, along with any impurities it finds.  Those impurities are the food.  Cancel out the acid, and you really have something.

Remember the term “Acid Rain?”  Huh!  So the slightly acidic rain isn’t really discouraging the simple plant life growth.  But what if the building material was pre-soaked with an alkali that stays in place?  The rain would activate the alkali at the same time as the algae was trying to feed.  The feeding would be neutralized.  The simple plant life would lose its grip and be washed off in the rain.  Exterior building cladding will eventually be made with enough alkali that it’ll keep itself clean of life forms like this.  ROTban™ achieves this by bonding to exterior surfaces for years, and continuing to treat the areas on which its professionally applied, for years, if the rain will just keep on falling.  That’s a Vancouver joke, I guess.

So by pre-soaking an exterior area of 500 square feet, then allowing 30 million raindrops per month to fall all over it in the next six months, all the stain creating growths will be well sterilized with the help of 180 million hard -working raindrops, and your siding will look great!  Further, for another 18 months, using another 540 million raindrops, the cleaning action will continue, because of the wonderful staying power of the pre-soak!

Results – one exterior wall is cleaned with one professional application, taking 10 minutes, and the wall becomes clean.  It will continue to clean for a complete duration of two years.  Now about the environment, there is no foaming agent in ROTban, and the proprietary alkali solution neutralizes quickly in our acidic environment.

So why pay workers with pressure washers or soapy brushes to get an area clean, and maybe cause problems, only to have stains again in a few months?  Instead, get millions of raindrops working for free!  Contact ROTban Corp for a free digital measurement and quote in your inbox.