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Answering the Challenges of a Critic

20 June 2023 by ROTban Services Corp.
Answering the Challenges of a Critic

We recently experienced a situation where an owner in a Townhome Strata objected to us fulfilling our commitments.  The council had already paid for a contract, and we were planning to fulfil a part of our standard service.  We had proactively checked how the moss removal process was going and found some green moss. We were planning to fulfil our promise and treat the green moss, when this owner began to tell the Strata Council that they had been wrong in choosing us – or any Roof De-Moss service.  She sent a 3-page letter with some good scientific facts, and with a lot of conclusions that she had drawn from the science she drew attention to.  She was unsuccessful in her bid to get them to stop letting us fulfill our responsibilities. We have now completed the re-treatment as per our Warranty.  But the Property Manager asked me for a response, for better understanding of our service.  I thought it might be interesting to you to read my response, as it sums up our understanding on moss removal and the environment.

The person who wrote the letter was not on council, and claimed she had the right not to allow us on her roof.  To begin with, we don’t go on roofs to perform this unique service.  Secondly, in the Strata law, unit owners do not have ownership of roofs and siding, generally.  They are co-owned and governed by the Council with the help of a Property Manager.

I started like this:

You’ve requested that I respond to Ms.C’s assertions claiming that our service is bad for the environment.  I respect her opinion, and the opinions of others in general.   In democracy, everyone gets to have their say, and can freely campaign to have their ideas become a movement in society.  I have no objection to S. presenting her ideas to the Council, and to anyone who will listen.

Environmental Concerns!

As a student of the wonders of our natural environment, I find statements in her argument that have their basis in fact.  Fungi and all rot producing organisms are vital in the earth’s balance.  I believe in them – love them, they are wonderful!  I am happiest when I’m in close contact with nature.  Please follow this link to the related blog article Destructive Biotic Community, which I posted on our website on September 17, 2021.

In the 25 years of presenting our service, I have been challenged by people before, in meetings, and in person.  I respect them, but sometimes I disagree with the conclusions they have.  That should be no surprise. Research and curiosity are very important. Wherever you take a stand, it can be proven to have disadvantages.  That’s always the case, and we need to grow through the challenges.

I would like to see some proof that our service has damaged the environment.  If there was proof, I could do something about it.   I would like to see Ms. C. be a little fairer in her reasoning.  Reading her letter doesn’t give me much hope that her views and mine can be reconciled.

How we think about moss

We offer a service for people who want to protect their expensive homes from slowly rotting away. I happen to think that this is a reasonable thing.  We have worked hard to provide a service that does this without damaging homes, the environment, the wonderful people that are our customers and their pets.   We started this service to protect homes from the damage being done by uneducated workers and are doing it daily.

Our customers and our history back up this reasonable approach.  If the horrible things Ms. C. claims are happening because of our service are true, is there any proof, any evidence?  Would it not be on the public record by now?  Social media invites everyone to have their say.  Why is there only one speck of “dirt” online concerning ROTban Ultra Cleaning Corp after 25 years in business?

What authorities say

Our Safety Data Sheets are on government record, and visible by important government organizations who use our services – like the Fraser Health Authority and Environment Canada. Also, some cities and private organizations. Customers that demand environmental purity.  Since we are not selling products, but a service through well trained and knowledgeable employees that correctly handle the product, we may legally withhold the SDS info from the public.  If prospective customers don’t feel all these credentials are good enough, they can simply choose against using us.  We respect that.

If you, the reader of this blog article, have any questions after reading this, please feel free to call me, Gregg, at 604-761-5640