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ROTban Structural Services provides roof moss removal, roof repair, reroofing, along with a revolutionary new treatment system for moss and algae removal, ROTban.

A neglected, moss covered roof in our soggy climate will not last. By doing preventative maintenance now, you will save significant money and hassle later. Let our experts provide a full assessment and recommendation of how best to preserve and extend the life of your roof, or if needed, the best replacement option.

We are so confident in our roof moss removal and repair products and services, we offer guarantees and warranties
on our work relevant to the service provided.

ROTban removes moss from cedar or asphalt roofs and gutters. ROTBAN FOR ROOFS provides safe, gentle and effective Moss Removal on cedar or asphalt roofs and gutters.
ROBTban for fences removes algae from fences. ROTBAN FOR FENCES is a special formulation that will effectively remove unwanted algae from fences.
Our reroofing services unclude the conversion of cedar roofs to asphalt or architectural shingles. RE-ROOFING or conversion of cedar shingle roof to Asphalt or Architectural Shingles.
We will provide a full assessment of your roof repair needs. ROOF REPAIR, with full assessment, necessary repairs and a long term maintenance plan.
We install, repair and clean gutter systems. GUTTER CLEANING as part of our roof demossing process. Ask us about our EverFlow Care Gutter Systems.
We offer commerical roofing services for tar and gravel and torchon roofing. FLAT ROOF REPAIRS & RE-ROOFING for Commercial Properties with Tar and Gravel, and Torch on Bitumen roofing.

ROTban - Removes roof moss in Surrey and prevents it from coming back

Over the last 25 years, owner Gregg McBurnie has been very active in the field of stopping roof rot and deterioration due to moss and algae. In 1998, testing of our own ROTban moss removal Treatment began to show exceptional results, keeping roofs clear of unwanted moss, algae, fungus and other destructive, ugly growths.  After proving the exceptional, long lasting effectiveness on cedar, asphalt and tar & gravel roofs, as well as verifying the safety of this treatment system, we took it to the public in 2001. 

Used as a component, along with inspections and maintenance, the ROTban Moss Removal Treatment System has, over the years, proven itself with a living legacy of beautiful, long lasting roofs. 

Now, hundreds upon hundreds of Surrey homeowners have benefitted from ROTban moss removal services.

Proactive maintenance and preservation of your roof will extend the life of your roof and save you money Call ROTban Structural Services Corp. today for roof moss removal in Surrey.